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Experiences outside the classroom are such an important part of learning. A diverse range of opportunities is crucial to ensure an Eagle House boy or girl learns for life.

Each child will get the chance to experience a range of educational, cultural and sporting events outside of the regular school day at Eagle House.

We believe that it is imperative children experience live theatre, musical concerts, visits to galleries, sporting competitions, museum trips, historic venues, as well as hearing varied and interesting speakers, taking part in drama workshops, science days and many other enrichment experiences that often leave a lasting impression on a child.

Trips are organized by Department Heads who will tie in their visit to a scheme of work to enhance the learning of the pupils. For example a visit to the Globe Theatre in Southwark helps a child see what Elizabethan theatre was all about and acts as a perfect introduction to Shakespeare. Standing on the stage of the Globe, acting out a short scene from Romeo & Juliet is certainly an experience not to be forgotten.

Eagle House is passionate about the experience it delivers to children through an extensive trips and visits programme and we know that it fires the imagination and often sparks interests that last for life. 

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