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Independent Learning is important for any child and at Eagle House we encourage children to enquire and answer their own questions through a series of projects and challenges.

The Edleston Project

Each summer holiday pupils who are returning to Eagle House in Years 7 & 8 embark on creating the Edleston Project.

The idea is that each boy or girl produces a creative, original project. This need not be written and can involve any form of media. The project can be practical: making something.  It can be written: researching something.  It can be creative: designing, drawing or painting something.

 It can be performance based: singing, cooking a meal, or producing a video.  It can involve art, pottery, electronics, video, photography, natural history, conservation, music, design, history, ICT, creative writing or making original games.

In the 2016 the theme was 'In My World'.

All the projects are brought into school and displayed by the children on an evening in September when parents and friends are invited to have a look at the fine work the children have produced. 

Extended Project

Every two weeks, Years 5 & 6 and Years 7 & 8 participate in our Extended Project Programme (ExPro) which is designed internally to develop the study skills in our children to allow them to work effectively and independently.

ExPro is a programme of challenges during which pupils are not given the answers but have to find solutions individually or in small teams.

The Years 5 & 6 programme explores how to effectively research the internet, how to produce a clear written presentation and how to speak articulately in public. The Lent Term involves each pupil producing a guided mini-project on a country of their choice and using the skills they have been learning to produce the most effective project. In the Summer term they work on a major written project of their choosing.

Years 7 & 8 have explore what learning means to them, how to do well in an interview and how to effectively organise their time. Elevate Education deliver study skills sessions to our senior pupils during this time on effective time management, memory and learning and preparing well for exams. Each pupil is allocated a staff mentor but the emphasis is firmly on the pupils to find the solutions rather than being given the answers.

The sessions are noisy, hugely active and a great deal of fun! We encourage pupils to make mistakes in order to enhance their academic and personal resilience. The pupils look forward to their 90 minute ExPro sessions. 

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