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At Eagle House every pupil is encouraged to feel that they play a part in their community. In Pre-Prep this means taking on a class leader role from an early age and being given responsibilities such as being the School Council representative in Year 2. As a pupil progresses through the school these roles develop. Pupils in Years 6-8 become Buddies to the younger pupils to help support them and integrate our community.

Eagle House works closely with a number of local and international charities to help our pupils appreciate how their lives may differ from the lives of others and how they can play an active part in making things better. The opportunities to serve the community in a broader sense are developed through our Golden Eagle Programme.

We have an active School Council which gives ideas to help shape school policy and procedures. In Years 7&8 pupils take on duties and leadership roles such as being Head of a Section, Head Boy or Head Girl. These pupils are trained and supported in their roles in order to help them fulfil these to the best of their abilities.

By the end of their time at Eagle House all pupils understand the importance of service and have had the opportunities to lead. This helps give confidence when they join their senior schools.

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