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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Sex & Relationship Education (SRE), Adolescent Mental Health Awareness, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Character & Morals Education, Values Education, Internet safety, Social & Emotional Aspect of Learning (SEAL), Citizenship & Leadership Education, Anti-Bullying Education, Peer support, IPC Personal goals, Safeguarding, British Values – the list of what should ‘ideally’ be included in a 21st century school curriculum continues to lengthen!

This is a video we made for Safer Internet Day to support our LFL+ programme

'The pupils are encouraged to express their views articulately and to listen to the views of others without prejudice.'

Pressure from the government, media and ‘best practice’ in education constantly leads to schools having to revaluate what should be taught and how it is going to fit into a curriculum that also has to safeguard good academic standards in all the traditional subjects.

At Eagle House we address this dilemma exceptionally well. We are fully up to date with current initiatives and the available curricula. By extracting all the best and most relevant information, we provide Eagle House pupils with a bespoke LFL+ education. Pupils have a one hour, weekly LFL+ lesson supported by twenty minutes of tutor time, ‘Ex-pro’ and assemblies.

Rather than being a totally skills based programme, the LFL+ curriculum endeavours to empower our pupils to talk openly about the emotional and social aspects of living in a community, growing up in the 21st Century and being a responsible global citizen. All tutors are involved in the delivery of LFL+, supported by the Pastoral Year Head and the Deputy Head Pastoral. We therefore have the flexibility to split groups in various ways depending on the topic. The pupils themselves are encouraged to express their views articulately and to listen to the views of others without prejudice.

At Eagle House we deliver an education that prepares our pupils for the challenges of growing up in an every changing world, helps them to form positive self-esteem and relationships, opens their minds to the wider world and prepares them to move on to their senior schools – this is why Learning For Life pervades all that we do at the school – both inside and outside the classroom.

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