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The Eagle Awards are unique and purpose built to recognise each pupil’s journey through their time at Eagle House Prep School and to represent their breadth and depth of experience and self-discovery. At the end of their time at Eagle House, the Eagle Awards will form a wonderful historical record of all the pupil has achieved.

Eagle House offers pupils an indisputably broad and rich educational experience. The breadth of opportunities available, provided in an environment of nurture and pastoral care, should ensure that every student is able to grow and develop in a rounded and balanced manner, ready to make the transition into senior school armed with a wealth of skills, knowledge, experiences and a strong sense of self.

The Eagle Awards are designed to draw coherence and meaning from the density of experiences to which all pupils are subjected to during their time at Eagle House and to provide an on-going record of their achievements and participation across all areas of school life. Each child who starts the school will leave with a trilogy of Awards in the form of 3 folders that will be a two-year collation of their successes throughout the four categories of Academic, Cultural, Service & Leadership and Sport & Golden Eagle.

The Eagle Awards consists of two complementary elements. Each pupil will keep their own personal record of their achievements and participation in the various areas of school life using a scrapbook, journal or blog depending on their stage within the school. This will have a reflective element to it, as each pupil tells the story of their Eagle House experience. Alongside the pupil record, the tutor will be responsible for keeping a central record of the pupil’s participation and achievement. Both records will be updated and discussed regularly in tutorial times and parents will have access to their child’s records on a regular basis. The changes to the Eagle House tutorial system will allow the Eagle Awards to be managed effectively and the Pastoral Heads will lead their teams in this programme with support from the Deputy Pastoral.

Whilst there will be many activities and events that are consistent amongst all pupils, the experience of those will be entirely unique to the individual pupil. The reflective aspect of the Eagle Awards will teach and guide pupils to tell their story; to develop their narrative of their experiences at Eagle House. Their narrative will embody their personal growth and journey over their time at the school. 

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