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Wellington is proud of its long association with Eagle House. As part of the Wellington family, Eagle House is nestled on the boundary with Wellington’s grounds and the interaction between the schools is stimulating, creative and fun. Providing pupils from both schools with unique opportunities to learn from one another.

Wellington College affords Eagle House pupils with a wonderful opportunity as we are able to share in the excellent resources that the College has to offer. The increasing link between the two schools has opened up a range of new opportunities for interaction between pupils and staff which is developing the richness and breadth of education for our pupils.

Departments and teachers at both schools regularly liaise through the ‘teaching partners programme’ and pupils have the opportunity to share in certain lessons and take part in lectures and displays.  Science, Language, Technology and Music days as well as Library visits, leadership opportunities and pupil to pupil mentoring all benefit Eagle House pupils. Using the facilities such as the astroturfs, golf course, squash courts, climbing wall and many other superb resources allow us to add to the wonderful facilities on offer at Eagle House.

The relationship between the two schools is benefiting every Eagle House pupil regardless of whether or not they go on to Wellington as their senior school option.

Some More Information about Wellington

Wellington is one of the world's most prestigious and exciting co-educational day and boarding schools. It was founded in 1859, and is situated in leafy Berkshire, 30 miles outside London. The College combines innovation with 150 years of history.  It was established in 1853 as the nation’s memorial to the Duke of Wellington and the College builds on the honourable legacy of the ‘greatest Englishman that ever lived’ by combining the best traditions and values of the past with the energy and ambition of the present.

Our core aim is to make Wellington College one of Britain's, and the world's, leading and most inspiring co-educational schools for boarding and day pupils.  We offer an education which opens the minds and hearts of our pupils, teachers, parents and all other members of our community. We wish to provide a transformative experience, developing to the full each pupil's 'Eight Aptitudes' including their intellectual, artistic, sporting, spiritual and social faculties, while ensuring that each grows to understand that serving and caring for others brings the highest rewards in life and the greatest likelihood of long term happiness and fulfilment.

In this way, the College seeks to build upon its honourable past,while adapting its values and traditions for the 21st century in a sustainable way.

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