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Eagle House School

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This promotional film pushes the creative boundaries in the world of independent school marketing. We wanted a film that would reflect our fun and vibrant character, and as a result, we commissioned this idea, which does not explicitly show children in lessons, playing sport, or even the school for that matter, but does bring across the buzz and happiness of Eagle House.

We wanted to create something that was a little different and showed the busy and rewarding lives that we live here at Eagle House.  Working with Affixxius Films we were able to achieve the idea of ‘a year in a life at Eagle House’, we had to ensure that there was a sense of continuity that parents could relate to. For that reason, the story very purposefully follows the Eagle House School calendar and by using a green screen we were able to mimic the background and adapt it to represent each season and consequently, the passing of time.Likewise, it was important to show a true representation of what the school had to offer, including aspects such as the school’s boarding provision, as well as team sports, which was successfully achieved by utilising the space around the car.




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