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Healthcare at Eagle House School

The surgery at Eagle House School is well equipped to meet the needs of both day and boarding pupils. In addition to the surgery we have two sick bay rooms and a separate bathroom specifically for the use of unwell pupils.

We provide First Aid cover 24 hours each day by a team consisting of a Matron and two Assistant Matrons. The Matron is a fully trained nurse and in addition the assistant matrons and staff are trained in first aid to deal with both illnesses and injuries that may occur to pupils, staff or visitors on site.

Unwell pupils

The surgery serves both Boarders and Day pupils. If a pupil becomes unwell whilst they are in school they are assessed by the Matron or Assistant Matron on duty in the surgery so that they can take appropriate action and parents contacted if necessary to collect their child. We do not expect parents to rush to collect an unwell child and are more than happy to care for poorly pupils in the interim until parents can come to take their child home.

The Doctors

The surgery works in partnership with Heath Hill Surgery, Crowthorne. The doctor holds morning surgeries on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our boarding school pupils and appointments are usually available between 8.30am and 9am. Unless otherwise requested our boarding pupils are automatically registered with Heath Hill Surgery.

Other appointments

We do not provide routine dental care for pupils. However, pupils who may need emergency dental care can be seen by a local dentist for an appropriate fee.

Local opticians are also willing to provide emergency optometric services.


With appropriate authorisation the surgery matrons administer simple over the counter medications for minor illnesses and injuries. Prescription medication required by pupils can be given by the matron on duty, but only if the appropriate consent form has been completed by the parent or guardian.


The Surgery: 01344 467219

Matron – Jill Woolger

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