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School should not only be somewhere a child attends, but also a place where they feel part of a community and have a voice in what goes on.

The School Council at Eagle House is a democratically elected group of students who represent their peers in making Eagle House the best it can possibly be. It aims to enable pupils to become partners in their own education at Eagle House, making a positive contribution to the school environment and to our ethos.

Two pupils are elected from each year group along with two Boarding House representatives. Year group meetings are held and the councillors represent the views of their year at the twice termly School Council meetings. The Heads of School act as chair person and secretary.  

To date the Eagle House School Council has been active in:

  • Raising money for the school charities by organising charity events.
  • Improving playground facilities.
  • Reviewing school systems from a pupil’s standpoint.
  • Looking at links between Pre-Prep and Years 3-8.
  • Working to make Eagle House a Green place - setting up the Eco-Schools initiative.
  • Providing feedback and suggestions over food, maintenance and uniform issues.

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