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We believe very strongly that children need to be happy and resilient to learn effectively and therefore we place very high importance on pastoral care and learning for life in the senior years of the school.

We want them to work hard in class, play well on the sports field and achieve their goals in music, drama and the many activities on offer, whilst enjoying the last couple of years before moving to their senior school. Years 7 & 8 can be a time of change for children, both physical and emotionally, as they are growing up quickly. Preparing the pupils for the changes, whilst encouraging them to still be ‘children’ is a challenge we embrace.

In Years 7 & 8 pupils will be in a tutor group of around nine children and linked with another tutor group to make a form. They will stay with their tutor for two years. Their tutor plays a vital role in supporting the child both academically and pastorally. Due to the small number of tutees per tutor, it allows a golden opportunity for us to really get to know them and craft our care towards each individual’s needs.

Excellent communication between pupil, parent and tutor is at the heart of this and we hope that every parent feels that they are only an email, phone call or a meeting if needs be, away from reassuring conversations that will further their child’s progress.

Tutors are overseen by a Pastoral Head, with whom they meet regularly. Any issues or information that would help all staff to support a child is then passed on the Pastoral Care Group, which is chaired by the Deputy Head (Pastoral), who can discuss strategies to help support the child.

Our pastoral care is closely linked with timetabled LFL+ lessons. As a school we aim to help pupils flourish through teaching and guiding them to understand themselves and their emotions, make the most of their talents, be resilient in the face of setback, keep themselves healthy, understand the society in which they live and become a valuable member of their community on many levels.

Eagle House is a community where we all look out for each other. In Years 3 - 5 the children will are given a ‘Buddy’; another pupil in Years 6 - 8 who is in their ‘section’. They are there to be a friendly face to support them. This system of peer mentoring benefits both the older and younger child.

There is many a friendly face with whom to share problems or worries; everyone at the school whether teachers, matrons, non-teaching staff or pupils recognises that they have a role to play in the happiness of others.

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