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Science at Eagle House aims to take children on an adventure of enquiry, observation, analysis and discovery.

There is a strong focus on teaching children the scientific method itself through which reliable, testable knowledge can be discovered and practical investigation is intrinsic to lessons. Children are encouraged to question and think for themselves so that they gain the confidence to make mistakes, learn, move on and improve. They gain experience of the eternal nature of science where the answers they find simply generate new questions to be investigated.

We provide opportunities for children to enhance and extend their natural curiosity about the world and how it works with an emphasis on the idea that science is a way of thinking rather than a body of knowledge to be remembered.

We strive to make science accessible and exciting for all recognising, that whilst some are destined to solve problems whose solutions currently elude us, for others their appreciation and understanding of science will begin and end in the classroom. In our increasingly technological world, we seek to start pupils off on a lifelong journey that will enable them to make informed decisions about issues that are important to them and our planet.

‘Science is more than just the hard subject at school that preoccupied the smart kids. It is a way of thinking about our world that can lead to changing it for the better.’  Professor Jim Al-Khalili

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