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Why learn a language?

The UK is becoming an increasingly multi cultural society and learning a language is therefore, not only very important, but also gives our pupils the edge in an ever competitive working world.

At present, French is the main modern language taught with Mandarin newly introduced as part of the Year 3 curriculum. Russian is also taught as part of the post examination programme for Year 8. Our aim is to incorporate other languages to further ignite the Eagle House curriculum in the near future.

Within the Modern Languages Department we aim to:

  1. Introduce pupils to the French language and culture as well as to French speaking countries and cultures.
  2. To develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing such that by the age of 13, pupils are able to communicate effectively at the level of their own ability in the foreign language.
  3. To assist pupils in fulfilling their true academic potential, thus allowing both the weaker and stronger pupils to perform to the best of their respective abilities. This will be achieved by taking into account the pupils individual characteristics, particularly in terms of ability, as well as their prior learning.
  4. To foster the acquisition of study skills, particularly the use of initiative, that is also applicable in other study areas.
  5. To provide pupils with opportunities, where appropriate, to develop their Information Technology skills in their study of French by the means of websites, which support interactive language work.

French is taught from the Nursery up to Year 8, with a more formal approach being integrated in Year 5, with an increased focus on writing alongside reading, listening and speaking leading to the best possible results in Common Entrance and Scholarship.

There is a very successful and enjoyable yearly day trip for Year 4 to Boulogne run by Mrs Barnard. In addition there is an exciting yearly French, History and outdoors challenge trip to Normandy. 


Years 3 & 4 pupils learn Mandarin each week and we have been able to make use of the Mandarin Centre at Wellington on several occasions.

MFL Departmental Website 

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