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The Mathematics department at Eagle House strives to engage, motivate and stimulate all pupils through the teaching of an ever-growing range of mathematical skills.

Mathematics is a fundamental life skill, so it is essential that all our pupils are not only successful in the classroom, but are provided with skills that enable them to continue Learning for Life.

Regardless of the specific topics being taught, our mathematics teaches children to solve problems. Eagle House pupils learn the importance of identifying the details surrounding a problem and that it may take several steps or attempts to try to solve it.

Our children learn that attention to detail, as well as a good deal of patience, is integral to successful problem solving.

Once any problem is fully understood, choices need to be made and strategies implemented. Finally, after a great deal of planning, and perhaps a little bit of experimentation, a final solution is reached which must be tested to decide whether or not it is reasonable.

Every mathematical problem or individual question discussed in the classroom helps the children develop and practise these life skills. In fact, each individual problem becomes a small but important lesson for solving problems in general, and approaching life with rational thought and logic.

At Eagle House, our over-riding philosophy is that children learn mathematics by doing mathematics. This can take the form of written or mental exercises, work on iPads or practical work both in and outside the classroom. Repetition is not something to be afraid of, and key skills are taught, re-taught and practised until they are mastered. Children should do a lot of ‘sums’ in the earlier years to ensure mastery of key skills and see how these relate to real life situations. In the senior years as well as developing number skills further, the emphasis shifts to mastering basic algebra and geometry. Practical and investigative work is used whenever appropriate to enhance the mathematical learning experience in all year groups.

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