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In Years 1-4 we use the International Primary Curriculum to deliver our Science, History, Geography, Art, Design and Music topics through engaging and creative thematic units.  

The units within the IPC are exciting and relevant to the children's lives, yet the rigour of each specific subject is still present. Each unit starts with an enticing 'wow' entry point, before the children explore the big themes and share their prior knowledge. The children then visit the topic through each subject lens, being scientists, then geographers, then historians and so on. Each unit comes to an end with a fabulous exit point, during which the pupils share their learning and experiences with their peers and parents.

The IPC captures the imagination of all the pupils in Years 1 - 4 and ensures school is exciting and stimulating. Whilst the academic subjects are still taught separately, the IPC highlights both their independence and interdependence. This results in meaningful, deep learning where the children explore a theme from many different viewpoints. Alongside subject learning, the pupils are set personal goals and develop a sense of international mindedness.

  • Download pdf IPC 1  Show Me, Tell Me, Talk to Me
  • Download pdf IPC 2   Things you can say to your child that will make all the difference
  • Download pdf IPC 3  10 things you can do with your child that will give them an understanding of who they are

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