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The computing department at Eagle House is forward-looking and dynamic, constantly changing and evolving to incorporate new technologies and ways of thinking.

It is integral to the teaching curriculum. We have a secure WI-FI network providing a very mobile system allowing our students fast and reliable internet access, which is managed by Wellington College. We have banks of Chromebooks, iPads, Nexus 7s, laptops and PCs so our students are exposed to different operating systems and experiences each day.  

Our classrooms are equipped with interactive technologies to give everyone the best possible learning and teaching opportunities.

From our Nursery to Year 8 we have a cross curricular approach to teaching ICT, as well as focused teaching. We run a range of extra-curricular clubs, such as Minecraft and KS1, allowing our pupils to play and experiment with new technologies. We use Google Apps for education to encourage our students to become independent, creative learners. Our Years 7 and 8 bring in their own devices enabling them to learn how to manage the device and when technology should be used in class appropriately.

Technology keeps evolving and we try to adapt to these changes so that pupils can constructively use IT to enhance their learning experience.

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