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All children start their study of Latin in Year Five, but really only as a taster of the background, the language and the effects of the Romans and ancient Greeks on modern society.

Year Six is divided into three and it is at this stage that the grammar and syntax is introduced properly, with much time spent ensuring that the understanding of the basics is understood and learned. Without the basics, there is little to build upon. One cannot build a house by putting the roof on first.

The classical languages have a place in modern education and we try to enthuse the children with all that such study entertains.

The foundations just must be strong. At this stage, the top set starts off at comparative pace into the scholarship/higher Common Entrance syllabus. Greek may be introduced at this stage with a little (twenty minutes) each week and some practice translating and memorising.

Much emphasis is put on the three ‘ps’, presentation, punctuation and spelling, as we lay the foundation for future study through to Common Entrance, scholarship, GCSE and A levels. Many go on to achieve the highest grade at GCSE, AS and A2 at their senior schools. 

 The Classics Department Site - to find out more about the department, to access vocabulary lists and worksheets

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