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'Thank you for making my child’s journey through the Pre-Prep such a wonderful experience. There has not been one day when he didn’t want to come to school; he has been enthusiastic to learn and the staff have inspired him so much.'

This is a recent quote from a parent whose child joined the Pre-Prep in the Nest and, after four years, moved into the Prep school at Year 3. It encapsulates what we deem to be the most important – we create an environment where a child wants to come to school and has an appetite for learning.

How do we ensure that this happens?

  • The team in the Pre-Prep are experienced, highly qualified staff with a passion for teaching and for working with young children. They understand that each child is unique and part of their job is to nurture the individuality of each pupil.
  • We build close relationships with our parents and their contribution is always welcome.
  • We value all our pupils highly; we work hard to ensure they gain a love of learning and are confident to tackle new tasks.
  • We work hard to ensure the children develop a strong social awareness, both around the school and in the wider world.
  • We provide a highly-structured learning environment where there is a sense of purpose and fun. The children’s efforts are regularly celebrated.
  • By their final year, the Year 2 children enjoy taking on responsibilities and being good role models for the younger pupils. They are becoming independent learners with an air of confidence about them.
  • Many opportunities are on offer to extend their learning, through weekly clubs and activities, trips out and interesting visitors to the school.

The children are taught the Eagle House Code, which underpins our behavioural expectations, and they are encouraged to keep the code by a structured system of praise and rewards. Ensuring the children have good manners is an integral part of our teaching.

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