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The Nest’s curriculum is a balance of adult led and child directed activities.

We set aside time to explore new experiences and learn new skills and the Nest’s High Scope philosophy encourages children to take responsibility for choosing and planning their own activities for part of each session: Children undertake to ‘plan an activity, do an activity and review it.’

The inclusion of adult led activities offers the children the opportunity to tackle new challenges, for new materials to be introduced or to practise a new skill. All of our children become active learners in an enabling environment.

The curriculum covers the seven areas of learning as identified in the DfES Early Years Foundation Stage – Communication and Language, Literacy, Understanding of the World, Expressive Arts and Design, Physical Development and Personal and Social Development. The work is based around different topics so that the children can learn about traditions, different cultures and customs and the natural world; this is supplemented with visitors to the Nest and excursions out.

Swimming and dance lessons are time-tabled weekly, and many learn ballet. Children leave the Nest as happy, confident individuals with a strong social awareness, a readiness for more formal learning and taste for the educational adventures ahead.

For more information about the range and content of teaching and learning in the Nest, see Curriculum Overview 

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