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Eagle House School

Best Prep School for Extra Curricular

Prep School Pre-Prep

Eagle House was chosen as Best Prep School for Extra-Curricular in the Guide To Prep Schools.

This is a great achievement for Eagle House and we are proud that all the wonderful opportunities we offer are recognised.  The variety of activities / opportunities is something we strive to make as rich as possible for the benefit of all our children and it is at the heart of the school's special atmosphere.

The Week wrote:

Wellington College's Prep School take extra-curricular activities very seriously.  The Golden Eagle programme of 60-plus clubs and activities (from ballet to Minecraft) starts in the Pre-Prep. Golden Eagle Saturdays focus on service, community, action and teamwork - pupils take part in litter clearing and take part in lifesaving and sign language.  Year 3 build shelters in the school grounds and by Years 7 & 8 pupils are abseiling Wales and kayaking in the Ardeche.

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