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Eagle House School

Greenish Instumental Competition

Prep School Music

The Greenish Music Competition showcases the very best instrumental talent that we have at Eagle House and last night's finals were a credit to all those playing.

The programme requires that each musician plays three pieces that best showcase their talent.  These recitals require a lot of practice and hard work but it paid off!

Sophie Hodge 8E FLUTE

Circus Pony - Dodgson

Träumerei - Schumann 

Les Plaisirs - Telemann


Matthew Groom 8W DOUBLE BASS

Sonata Op.3 No.2 in D major - Paxton

Jolly Dutchman - Traditional

Black Bottom - Henderson


Egor Vert 8E PIANO

60’s Swing - Vis

L’Orage - Burgmüller 

Egor’s Blues - Putaly


Oliver Heywood 8S CLARINET

Fast zu Keck - Reger

Talkin’ the Talk - Rae

Romance - Dubois


Albert Zhou 7N VIOLIN

The Puppet Show - Trott

La Cinquantaine - Gabriel-Marie

Mosquito Dance - L. Mendelssohn


Emilie Harper 7N PIANO

Bourrée - Stölzen 

Canción para dormir una muñeca - Estevéz

Indian Pony Race - Glover


The evening was adjudicated by Alison Walker, a distinguished musician, and she gave the cup to Emilie Harper.  Every finalist should be proud - they played to a high standard and proved that music is at the heart of Eagle House.

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