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Eagle House School

Year 8 visit Blenheim Palace

Prep School Trips

On Thursday 24th February those taking Common Entrance visited Blenheim Palace as part of their  history syllabus.


They went to find out about how the palace came to be built and what John Churchill, the First Duke of Marlborough, had done to deserve such a gift from the nation.


The children were fortunate to have two excellent guides who took them around the house and explained to them some of the most important tapestries, especially those that depicted the First Duke at the Battle of Blenheim.


Also on display were some of the Christian Dior dresses that have been made famous over the years, including those worn by Princess Diana. The children had the opportunity to imagine themselves as models on the catwalk as they 'strutted their stuff'!


The final act was to visit an exhibition on the Wars of the Spanish Succession where there was a great deal of information about Marlborough's role in this and the defeat of the French. Here the children were able to try on various pieces of costume.


The day ended with a visit to the maze.

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