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Eagle House School

Year 7 visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Prep School Trips

On Monday 20th February Year 7 spent the day at the Historical dockyards at Portsmouth.

Whilst there they had a workshop 'A History Mystery' which gave them the chance to look at various pieces of evidence and handle some artefacts to see if they could piece together what happened to the Mary Rose on the fatal day she sank. 

The other workshop was on 'Tudor Surgery' where the children learned about what could and couldn't be done by the barber surgeons of the day. They were put into groups and each one was given a different scenario of a patient with something wrong with them. They then had to treat the patient and decide whether or not he survived!

Each group had the opportunity to visit the museum with a guide and to look at all the amazing artefacts from the ship plus the biggest artefact of all, the Mary Rose herself!

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