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Eagle House School

Boarding Team


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The House could not run without such a wonderful team of dedicated staff on hand day and night to ensure every boarder's life is as fulfilling and as happy as possible during their time here.

The Boarding Team

James & Deanne Guest - Houseparents


  •      Ben Mason (Assistant House Parent)
  •      Lynne Palmer (House Tutor)
  •      Ed Crowe (House Tutor)
  •      Richard Baron (House Tutor)
  •      Alex Sykes (House Tutor)
  •     Hayley Crowe (House Tutor)
  •    Katy Brailsford (House Tutor)
  •    Liz Creighton (House Tutor)
  •    Matthew Edwards (House Tutor)
  •   Anna Leon (House Tutor)
  •    Ed Keohane (House Tutor)
  •    Nicki Watson (Matron)
  •    Zach Mangos (House Assistant)
  •    Izzy Robb (House Assistant)
  •    Jemma Veenstra (House Assistant)

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