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Boarding at Eagle House offers all pupils a wealth of opportunities.

Whether it is developing independence, making long-lasting friendships or simply gaining confidence, boarding can offer something for everyone. All these experiences and many others will ensure that every boarder who stays with us is ‘Learning for Life’.

 With a fully co-educational Boarding House and boarders ranging in age from 7-13 years, they are encouraged to integrate fully with each other, as any child would in their family home.

It is heart-warming to watch a senior boarder help a junior boarder send an-email to their parent who is currently working overseas, as much as it is refreshing to know that both boys and girls can mix together and choose activities to suit their tastes rather than gender stereotypes, whether it be a lively game of water polo or a more relaxing session in the House card-making and listening to music.

Any Boarding House is indebted to the staff who run it. We have a fantastic team of dedicated staff comprising of 7 full-time resident staff members who are fully supported by a further 6 members of staff living off-site.  Each night there is a House Parent, House Tutor, Matron and House Assistant on duty to ensure the children are well supported and cared for. Additionally, the House Parents and Matron are always on-call overnight to ensure the children are safe, well and happy 24 hours a day.

Our overriding aim is to create a supportive, family orientated House in which all children feel happy, valued, cared for and can thrive.

Each night the House Tutors and House Assistants offer activities to ensure that a fun and action-packed time is had by all. These activities can range from rather adventurous games of Manhunt in the woods to more sedate drama and sewing workshops for smaller groups. Several times throughout the year the whole House team comes together for special activities. Camping, trips out, Christmas celebrations and even spooky Halloween parties in the Tudor House ensure that every term provides the children with long-lasting and happy memories.

Despite all the fun and laughter, we certainly play hard and work hard in the Boarding House. Each year group has a dedicated study session every evening with boarding staff on hand to offer help and guidance as prep or additional reading is completed. With members of the boarding staff team specialising in different areas of the school curriculum, the boarders are well placed to seek expert advice when needed.

The Boarding House at Eagle House is a lively and friendly place to be. With children of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities there is always something new to learn or new to experience further enriching the opportunities to ‘Learn for Life’. We are passionate about creating an awesome boarding environment for all our pupils and welcome anyone who would like to join us. 

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